Event: Jamboree on the Trail, 10 May

Jamboree on the trail is an annual day for the World Scout Movement to hike together. All Scouts, whatever their age and wherever they may be in the world, are invited to participate in whatever way they can. Jamboree on the trail (JOTT) takes place on the second Saturday in May. This is its 17th year and each year more people take part. We took part for the first time last year and were keen to do it again. We thought it would be nice to have a family day – no sponsor forms or restrictions, just a nice walk with great views. Following an enjoyable day last year we’ve decided to move our hike to Saturday afternoon so that our footballers can also take part.

Update 8 May: We’re keeping an eye on the weather forecast for Saturday. At the moment it is looking as if the worst of the rain will go through in the morning, leaving it windy with the risk of showers for us in the afternoon. Do keep an eye on our Twitter feed in case our arrangements change.

Where: We’ll be starting from Whiteways car park and doing a circular walk which includes a stop at Bignor Hill. In total the hike will be just over 5 miles but we’ll be taking it nice and gently. Jacala walked the route before our hike last year and took some photos which will give you an idea of the spectacular scenery on our route.

Start: There is a free car park at Whiteways, just off the A29 at the top of Bury Hill. Why not come along a bit early and take advantage of the food and drink on offer at Whiteways Cafe.

When: JOTT day is 10 May 2014. We aim to leave the car park at 2pm, stop at Bignor Hill at about 3pm and be back to the cars at around 5pm

What: We will be hiking in the South Downs – taking in parts of the Monarch’s Way and the South Downs Way. You can see the route on a map but remember that we start at Whiteways this year, not Bignor Hill as shown..

Who: Our JOTT hike is open to all our Cubs and their families. We will look after any Cubs that come on their own. Family and friends must remain your responsibility.

Paperwork: We’ll need to have a completed health form for Cubs taking part on their own. Click on the link to complete our new online version

Cost: This is not a fund raising event. There is no charge for taking part

Wear: You should wear clothes appropriate to the weather on the day including strong shoes for walking in (no wellies). Cubs should wear your scarf but the rest of your uniform is not required. Remember that it can be windy up on the Downs so even on a sunny day it can be quite chilly – a windproof/waterproof coat is a good idea to have in your bag, even if rain isn’t forecast.
We suggest that you have a number of layers that you can put on or take off as the need arises. Given the strong winds forecast for this event it would be sensible to also pack a woolly hat and some gloves.

Bring: You should bring a water bottle and maybe a snack in a day sack that you can carry. We’ll be sitting on the grass when we stop at Bignor Hill so make sure you have either a mat or a coat to sit on.

Badges: All Cubs that take part will get a special JOTT17 badge after the event (as well as an extra hike on their hikes away score).

Last year: In 2013 we took part in JOTT for the first time. You can see how we got on on our JOTT16 page.