Welcome to Parbrook Cub Pack

Next Cubs – Tuesday 19 July
We start work on our communicators badge by giving each Cub a 2 minute slot to introduce themselves to the rest of their six and their young leader.
At the end of the meeting Akela would like a short chat with all the parents that can attend. We’ll start at 1950.

Camp update
We like camping and are offering you the chance to join us on a massive 14 nights away in 2017. The dates for our remaining camps are in the calendar and can now be booked through My Scout.

  • Join us on the Parbrook Space Race in September when we head for a remote part of the South Downs which is home to our space academy and rocket launching site. Which team will build the best rocket and will any of them survive the launch pad? The guest list for this camp has now CLOSED and we have 18 Cubs on the guest list. We have published the joining instructions.
  • We’ve been asked if we can fill some places on the Beaver’s trip to HMS Alliance, the submarine museum at Gosport. We’ll travel by coach to Gosport on the Friday evening. After the sleepover we’ll pop to the top of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth before catching our coach home again. The guest list for this camp has now CLOSED and we have 7 Cubs on the guest list.
    (Note that this event is being organised by another part of 1st Billingshurst and may have to be cancelled if there are not sufficient numbers to make it cost effective. Please register your interest as soon as possible so that they can make their difficult decision.)
  • In December we’ll be having a night at the museum as we settle down to sleep amongst the Roman artefacts in Chichester. We’ll return to Billingshurst by train on Saturday morning for a day of activities based at the hall. Bookings via My Scout are now open for this camp

We are always looking for more adult helpers at our camps – to transport gear, help with the tent pitching, help in the kitchen or with activities. If you have access to a van that can transport our gear or are a demon camp fire builder then we want to have you along. All adults that camp have to have Scouting DBS clearance so please let us know in plenty of time so that the paperwork can be completed. Remember that Cubs is not just kids stuff.

Manchester bee badges
We are pleased to say that our badges are now here and have been distributed. They can be worn on uniform until the end of the year. We’ve put an update on our Manchester page.

New young leaders
Last term we welcomed Won-tolla (Greg) who has joined us to do the service required for his Duke of Edinburgh’s award. We’re pleased to say that he has been joined this term by Baloo (Isobel) meaning that we now have three when you include Tabaqui.
We have allocated each to look after and work closely with a six. Won-tolla has the yellows, Baloo the reds and Tabaqui the greens. The blues will be looked after mainly by Keego.

Skills challenge – work you can do at home
The challenge has a number of skills that are best demonstrated at home. If you are looking for some badgework to do then download our home skills sheet, demonstrate the skills and get them signed off. We’ll do the paperwork if you bring a signed sheet in to Cubs.

Painless fundraising – don’t forget us when you shop online
In the April to June 2017 quarter our easyfundraising raised Parbrook Cubs funds a further £74 – just by our supporters doing their normal shopping online. That’s why we call it painless fundraising. That takes the total raised this year so far to £164 – not bad when it is money for nothing.
Make sure that you  and your friends and family click through from https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/parbrookcubs/ when you shop online. The money we raise is used to subsidise our camps and expeditions and it is so easy to earn.

Group fundraising
Don’t forget that the Guides are collecting used postage stamps. A box is in the kitchen at the hall.

Get our dates in your calendar
As you may know, we use a system called OSM to manage your badge records. The system includes details of our programme each week and you can now have that as a feed which you can use in your own online calendar, such as google calendar. It is an .ics file via a rather scary link so we’ve shortened it.
On Google calendar in your browser (not the app) click on the down arrow next to “other calendars” on the left of the page. Select “add by URL” and paste the link into the box  – http://tiny.cc/parbrookprog gives you our weekly meetings shown in green on the calendar opposite. That’s only half the story as you’ll also need our events calendar to pick up things shown in blue, like group events and our camps – http://tiny.cc/parbrookcal.

Reports from past events
Google has changed the way it displays our photos. Click on the photo album icon on our reports pages to take you to the gallery. You’ll then see a map and all the photos displayed. Click on a photo and then in the top right of the screen a white “i” to open the info window which includes our captions. You can then scroll through the photos with the arrow keys or by clicking on the arrows at left and right of the screen.

Postings from this website appear on our Facebook page automatically so remember to “like” us at www.facebook.com/parbrookcubs if you’d like our updates to arrive in your timeline.

Arriving at the hall
We try to provide a Cub leader at the hall by at least 6.15pm. However, the Beaver leaders have asked that Cubs arriving early wait outside the hall until their meeting has finished. Please note that in the gap between Cubs and Beavers, you need to remain responsible for your children – we cannot expect the Beaver leaders to look after them as they are clearing up the hall in preparation for our meeting. For child protection reasons, it is not acceptable to leave one Cub with a leader in the hall on their own so please stay with yours until another adult arrives.